Turning From Grief to Helping Others

So many of us know that the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet can leave us in the depths of grief and despair. We have loved so deeply and now must journey through the healing process without our best friend beside us. The road can be uphill at first, with many twists and turns that leave us bereft, exhausted and feeling as if our world no longer looks and feels the same. These are all natural feelings that take us on a roller-coaster ride, subsiding and then blind-siding us from out of nowhere. If we can find support, breathe into our grief and weather the emotional storms, we can and do come out on the other side filled with fond memories and the spirit of our beloved forever in our hearts.

We know it’s difficult at first to believe that you will ever smile, laugh or enjoy life again, but please believe us when we say that you will. It’s so important to find ways to honor our fur babies by being the wonderful human beings they taught us and knew us to be. That is why so many pet parents have taken their grief beyond the mourning stages to forge new ventures that memorialize and honor their beloved pets.

We (Sandi and Ellie) met through finding support with the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (www.aplb.org). We trained with them and are now co-hosts in the APLB Thursday night West Coast chat room where we offer support to grieving pet parents as a way to say thanks for the wonderful support we received.

We are lucky enough to live close enough to each other, and decided to create “PetLoss Partners” to offer individual and group support to pet parents who have lost or are anticipating the loss of a pet. We also wanted to give back to the Veterinary community so we designed workshops to train veterinary/animal care professionals to better understand our needs at this difficult time and to support them in the hard and stressful work they do. All of this is so rewarding, and we do it in honor of Mazel Tov and Jake.

We are but two of the many people who have turned their loss into a positive means of giving back in the name of their pets. Everyone in the APLB has lost a pet and works tirelessly to help others heal. Some of our clients have even used giving back as a way to help them heal. One woman now transports rescued animals all over to new homes. Another volunteers at a shelter writing up flyers with the stories of the pets that are there so that they will have a better chance of being adopted.

One of our clients has started a new organization designed to promote rescues and responsible pet ownership.

It is so rewarding and incredibly healing to find a purpose and become dedicated to paying forward all the love and kindness you received from your beloved pet.
We’d love to hear from any of you who have found your passion after losing a beloved pet.?

Please share with us what path you have taken.

Also, please let others know that there is healing in taking action

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