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So many of us know that the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet can leave us in the depths of grief and despair. We have loved so deeply and now must journey through the healing process without our best friend beside us.
… We know it’s difficult at first to believe that you will ever smile, laugh or enjoy life again, but please believe us when we say that you will. “

Sandra Grossman
Founder / PetLoss Partners

PetLoss Partners was founded on the principle that grief resulting from losing a beloved pet is just as real and just as painful and deserves just as much care and compassion as those grieving from other losses. We are committed to ensuring that no one ever has to travel the difficult journey of loss alone. To assist us in achieving this goal we have designed the following services to either accompany you personally on that journey or to share our combined knowledge with others who can join you and your loved ones through this extremely difficult time. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how we can help.

Services for Pet Parents

We offer a variety of services to “Pet Parents”. The services listed here represent our most-asked-for services. Please feel free to contact us if we can help you with a service not listed.

Veterinary & Animal Care Services

We appreciate and value the time & commitment those in the veterinary/animal care community give to animals and their families and are dedicated to supporting you. Listed here are some of the services we offer to assist you with the daily stressors you face in your workplace and develop self-care strategies to manage them.

Becoming a Certified Pet Loss Bereavement Counselor

Pet Loss Partners Pet Bereavement Specialist Certification Course will provide you with the knowledge and more importantly, the practical skills to help clients through the End-of-Life-time with their pets and beyond. You’ll also get the added benefit participating in group calls designed to enhance your learning experience. Learn more about our course by clicking here.

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