Mission Statement

So many of us know that the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet can leave us in the depths of grief and despair. We have loved so deeply and now must journey through the healing process without our best friend beside us.
… We know it’s difficult at first to believe that you will ever smile, laugh or enjoy life again, but please believe us when we say that you will. ”

Sandra Grossman
Founder / PetLoss Partners

Our Mission is to provide kind, compassionate emotional support for individuals, couples and families who are experiencing or anticipating the loss of a beloved pet.

An equally important aspect of the work of PetLoss Partners is educating and providing support to animal  care/veterinary care providers in areas including but not limited to, Compassion Fatigue, Self-Care Strategies, Communicating with Grieving Pet Parents , Communication within the Practice/Agency, Creating a Compassionate Practice.

We so enjoyed participating in the SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION event in Long Beach on August 27! Please watch our Lecture here:

We are so grateful to be featured on K9 Corner! Please watch our featured piece here:

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