Compassionate Practice

Creating A Compassionate Practice

Whether you are a veterinarian or part of a veterinary support staff, one thing is clear: We all want to help make the lives of our 4 legged friends healthier, happier and safer. In the majority of cases, we get the chance to work closely with and develop caring relationships with the families who care for our patients.
Yet, at the same time, while both sets of people care very deeply for these pets, we each face our own set of challenges in trying to do what’s best for them.

This was, in part, the reason we created the concept of a Compassionate Practice.
We define a Compassionate Practice as:
A Compassionate Practice promotes a healthy work environment in which caring for staff, clients and patients is valued as highly as the curing component.

Protocols for staff wellness are identified and monitored to keep stress levels at a minimum. Relationships between staff members and staff and clients are based upon open, and supportive communication that meets the needs of everyone involved. All feel seen, heard and respected.

A healthy, happy staff leads to a healthy, flourishing practice, which, in turn, leads to satisfied clients. Satisfied clients lead to higher Client Satisfaction and Retention.

The Benefits for Everyone Involved become evident:

  • Staff  – Less stress, More appreciation, Less Compassion Fatigue, More Self-Care
  • Clients– Less stress, More satisfaction, More likely to remain a client.
  • Patients – Less stress, Best Care
  • Practice – More satisfaction and appreciation for Staff, Clients and Patients. Higher levels of Client Satisfaction and Retention.

PetLoss Partners will work with you to create a Customized Program for your team with Specific Strategies that can be implemented to help you Create A Compassionate Practice at your practice. The program includes areas such as:  
Client Communication
Compassion Fatigue/Self-Care Support for the Veterinary Team
Protocols for End of Life Care taking into account the needs of the patient, clients and staff.
Contact us for more details.

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