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Coping With Your Elderly/Sick Pet – Understanding Anticipatory Grief

One of the most difficult times we as pet parents have to face is watching our beloved furkids begin to age or be diagnosed with an incurable illness. It may be that we begin to notice their greying muzzle or see them struggle to get up in the morning. Or perhaps we get caught off […]

Dealing With Pet Loss When Accidents Happen

While many of us lose our beloved “furkids” due to age or illness, there are also those horrible times when we lose a beloved “furkid” due to some type of accident. Whether the accident occurred because of a beloved pet getting out of the house unintentionally or because a beloved pet gets into something that […]

Coping Strategies for the Upcoming Holidays

The holiday season can bring many emotions with it, especially when we are grieving. There is a societal norm that says we all need to be joyful during this time but for many, grieving or not, this time of year can be more painful than at other times. While it may be comforting to be […]

Dealing With Guilt

When we lose a beloved pet, one of the most common emotions we have to deal with is guilt. Part of the reason we feel the guilt is that we love our beloved pets so much that we place a huge burden on ourselves by trying to make everything perfect for them  It’s not uncommon […]

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