Turning From Grief to Helping Others

So many of us know that the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet can leave us in the depths of grief and despair. We have loved so deeply and now must journey through the healing process without our best friend beside us. The road can be uphill at first, with many twists and turns that […]

Coping Strategies for Getting Through the Upcoming Holidays

The holiday season can bring many emotions with it, especially when we are grieving. There is a societal norm that says we all need to be joyful during this time but for many, grieving or not, this time of year can be more painful than at other times. While it may be comforting to be […]

Helpful Suggestions for Pet Parents

In addition to offering support to grieving pet parents, we hope to provide information for those who may have remaining pets. With that in mind, we have asked one of our trusted Veterinary practice managers, Katherine Sullivan, from Laguna Beach Veterinary Medical Center in Laguna Beach, California,(www.lagunabeachvet.com)  to share practical ways to help make your […]

Pet Loss And Anniversaries

The initial loss of a beloved pet often seems surreal and unbearable. We are at a loss for how to continue our lives without our best friend, fur-baby, confidante, and so much more. We seek support and comfort and do our best to live fully as a way of honoring our dear one. Then the […]

Aquamation – An Alternative Approach in Aftercare

We at PetLoss Partners are always interested in products and services that can help our clients begin to heal. Last month, we had the opportunity to meet with Jerry Shevick of Peaceful Pets Aquamation.  This meeting not only left us more informed, but incredibly impressed with this process of Aquamation, and with the services offered by […]

Helping Our Pets Grieve the Loss of A Companion Pet

When a beloved pet dies, it can affect everyone in the home including our remaining pets. We often get asked by grieving pet parents how to help the remaining pets in the home and when they should be concerned about a remaining pet’s behavior. We hope this post will help any of you facing this […]

Why Should I Join A Pet Loss Support Group?

Many of us find ourselves feeling alone and unsupported when a beloved pet dies. It isn’t that we don’t have family and friends in our lives, although oftentimes we may not. People who care about us want the very best for us and have a difficult time seeing us suffer. They may say insensitive things […]

Coming to Terms With The Decision to Euthanize

When we are blessed to bring our pets into our live, we pledge to them and ourselves to do everything we can to ensure they have a good life. We give them everything we have without hesitation: our time, our love and whatever resources it takes to make sure they are happy and comfortable.  As […]

How Long Will This Grief Last?

When we lose our beloved fur-babies, we may be surprised by how devastated we are, believing that our lives have come to an end. We may wonder how we will be able to go on without our sweet babies. We may feel like nothing will ever be the same. If these feelings sound familiar to […]

Part II – Coping With Your Elderly/Sick Pet – Caring For Yourself

In our last blog we talked about coping with sick/elderly pets and how to make the best decisions for them during this difficult time. As important as it is to take care of our pets during this time, it’s equally as important to take care of ourselves so that we can take do the best […]

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